Weclome Tiffany Tyler To The Pornstar Platinum Family!!

Welcome the newest member of the Pornstar Platinum family Tiffany Tyler!! She is the latest pornstar to be added to the top pornstar we’ve added to our line up and the first one in a new months since we took on Nikita Von James (some of the finest Russian pornstar pussy that ever existed).

Her brand new official site is up and ready to join check out here blog here!! –

Look for cam shows as well as many other exciting scenes with all of today’s top XXX talents.

Stay tuned for info on cam shows and more.

Pornstar Platinum

Another Brand New Exclusive Veronica Avluv POV Scene Added

Great nets if you a fan of top pornstar cougar extortionate Veronica Avluv, she has added a 4th brand new hardcore update today.

For personal reasons Veronica had to take a take a break from updating here site, now that she has that back in order she was updated her site with 4 brand new hardcore scenes (today’s POV scene being the 4th hardcore update and the 2nd POV)!

 Here was Veronica Avluv’s comments on the filming..

I’m back again with this big hard cock, this time we are in the bedroom and I ‘m really fucking horny. What is really great about this scene is this porn stud is really turned on by me and is more of fan then anything, thats hot, getting fucked by a fan, with a big cock no less. Watch as I give a A plus POV performance for you my fan and fans….

Check out today’s update here with some free galleries…

Pics: http://content.clubveronicaavluv.com/fhgx/photo-galleries/clubveronicaavluv/gallery.php?id=1791
Videos: http://content.clubveronicaavluv.com/fhgx/clubveronicaavluv/gallery.php?id=4700

Yeah, these pics, blogs, and links to the to vaious parts of Veronica AvLuv’s are pretty cool, but what is is compared to this awesome free porn tube video from Pornhub…

Ubermilf Veronica Avluv
We are so happy to have Veronica Avluv back in action, she is a true UberMILF. Some new live webcam shows schedules…see our calender here:

Peace out,
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Tonight Kendra Lust Free Webcam Show at 7PM PST

This Tuesday 9/10 Kendra Lust free webcam show for www.kendralust.com member at 7 PST!


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Kendra Lust

Source: KendraLust.com

Watch Lil Coco’s Perverted Adventures

Watch Lil Cocos Perverted Adventures 3 Watch Lil Cocos Perverted Adventures

Little Coco has an amazingly wet pussy. It runs like a waterfall. No lube is ever needed with her. She says she is so wet she needs to wear a pad every fucking day! Now that’s wet!

Watch Lil Cocos Perverted Adventures 4 Watch Lil Cocos Perverted Adventures

God damn, that looks like it hurts. Little Coco’s pussy is getting split like a log in this next pic. Damn she is a professional teen fucker.

Watch Lil Cocos Perverted Adventures 5 Watch Lil Cocos Perverted Adventures

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Watch Lil Coco’s Perverted Adventures

Check Out The New Trinity St Clair’s Official Site

Check out the Trinity St Clair updated site http://tour.trinitystclair.com and latest blog entry http://trinitystclair.com/blog/trini…rracial-movie/

She not only has new boobs but has even added a store where tou can buy autographed stuff and much more!!

She is alo now on doing free webcam shows for members on a regular basis. Trinity St Clair will be doing a Free Webcam Show LIVE and FREE for all members Wednesday, 9/6/2013 at 4PST.
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New Veronica Avluv Hardcore Added Today!!

Veronica Avluv is back to updating her official website after having to take some time off for personal reasons…the scenes are hotter than ever!! Here is a few shots from today’s update.

Veronica Avluv

Pics: http://content.clubveronicaavluv.com…ry.php?id=1783

Here are a few notes from the production of this hot hardcore sex scene!!
Life is easy when you have a rich, stupid husband you can rip off on daily a basis. Hell I just purchased 5 thousand dollars in lingerie just today alone. What a dummy, what a piece of shit he has no idea what I do. He fucks me for 5 minutes then cums and I have 5 million in my bank account. Woops, oh, its my step son, Wolf, another dummy. Oh and look at the hard cock in his pants….READ MORE >>>

Source: WordPress

Free Angelina Valentine Webcam Show Tomorrow

We’ve been trying to line this one up for a while. Angelina Valentine can be quite reclusive at times, but tomorrow 9/5/12 Angelina Valentine will be on webcam at 7PST for AngelinaValentine.com members @ 7PST!!

Pornstar Angelina Valentine 0041 Tomorrow 9/5/13 Angelina Valentine Will Be On Webcam at 7PST for AngelinaValentine.com members @ 7PST!! Angelina Valentine 
This is the first in a series of shows she has scheduled, but like I said, she can be rather aloof, so I would catch the this free Angelina Valentine pornstar webcam show while you can!!!

See below…

Screen shot 2013 09 04 at 2.41.49 PM Tomorrow 9/5/13 Angelina Valentine Will Be On Webcam at 7PST for AngelinaValentine.com members @ 7PST!! Angelina Valentine

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Check out our live schedule here and hopefully we will see you tomorrow night at the free Angelina Valentine webcam show tomorrow 9/5/13 at 7 PST.
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share save 171 16 Tomorrow 9/5/13 Angelina Valentine Will Be On Webcam at 7PST for AngelinaValentine.com members @ 7PST!! Angelina Valentine

Charisma Cappelli is BACK!!

Great news, another one of our hottest pornstars has after having to take some time off for personal issues. That’s right Charisma Cappelli is BACK!


And she is coming back strong with an All GIRL ORGY!!! This scene features me Charisma Cappelli, Carey Riley, Dakota Riley and Debra Ann. A night free of the guys, us girls decided to have a little slumber party and catch up. The only catching up we did was catching up to each others little wet pussies. Again as always, one thing always leads to another. With us all sitting on the couch we decided to watch some porn, and we all thought…

Check out a movie clip:

Or some pics:

This and so much more can be found at the Charisma Cappelli Official Site

Ava Devine Adds Webcam Show For Tonight 9:30 PST

The dirtiest woman in porn just added a last minute Ava Devine live webcam show airing on Friday 9/30/13 9:30PM PST. This pornstar webcam show is 100% free for www.avadevine.com members. JOIN-> http://goo.gl/fdtSW

Pornstar Ava Devine nice bare ass

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A Pornstars Choice Of Dildos Is: The Hitachi Magic Wand

Kendra Lust

Hey, I’m not trying to perv out too much here, but I have to keep track of all of these pornstar blogs, and it seems like again and again – A Pornstars Choice Of Dildos Is: The Hitachi Magic Wand. Hey, I thought these things were supposed to be for back massage? Or that’s what my wife keeps telling me, but first I say Kendra Lust talking about one, now I hear Claudia Valentine also has a fetish for these things as well?

claudia valentine 
Now am getting really suspicious of of the The Hitachi Magic Wand my wife always keeps in her closet? Should it make me feel like less of a man? I know her back doesn’t ache that much!!!
Never heard of one of these dildos masquerading as heath equipment? Amazon seems to sell a lot of them.
If I vent my insecurities, then will my wife know I’ve been looking a all of my favorite XXX Pornstars?
I guess this is where I ask for guy advice?
Got any??