It all started in Orange County, CA way back in 2005. We started this little porn affiliate program called OCCash. The next thing we knew we had grown to over 50 porn sites through our partnership with TTBoy. We had every crazy niche of porn from Asian Orgies, Asian Creampies, Midgets, Grandma’s – you came it we had it.

Once that had grown large enough we launched LordsOfPorn which was quite similar to Filthfreaks (flagship site of OCCash).

After that we decided to expand our horizons some and we launched the best porn talent agency in LA OCModeling. Which has grown to represent a lot of biggest pornstars in the adult industry.

From there, we decided that since we had access to all of these top pornstars, why not use our web experience, thus we started Pornstar Platinum.

So hopefully, you get the point by now – we control a lot of porn. OCXXX is just a giant compilation of all of our efforts. You can find links to pretty much everything we do here!!

If you’ve read this far, stop and enjoy some of this damn porn!!


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